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Journey through ceramics.

Duration 3H
In three hours, you will be able to experience the modeling of clay, and its plasticity, see how an object is glazed, and try to do it. You will be able to try to paint on ceramic enamel. Usually, we start with modeling small figures, then experiment coil technique, and at the end, we use the pottery wheel. About painting, we use some brushes, which are different shapes. Then you experiment with soaked enamel and vertical decoration. With these contents, you will have a general overview of majolica production and will be able to try a little bit of everything.
Participants Min. 1 Max. 6 participants
Not recommended for children under 7; discount to children under 14

Create your keepsake with clay.

Duration 1H
In one hour, I will introduce you to clay and its properties. I will guide you in making a small artifact: the usual souvenir will be your souvenir! Will a small animal of the local tradition, the donkey, be a magnet? You can imprint your name and the date of your holiday on it for an unforgettable memory. You will make it. I will take care of your objects and cook them. If you prefer decoration, I'll let you try the dusting technique and decorate a tile or a jar.
Participants Min. 2 Max. 8
Not recommended for children under 6, sale discount for children up to 14 years

The magic potter's wheel.

Duration about 30 min per person (In the afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00)
You will be able to learn the basic positions and feel the pleasant sensation of the moist clay flowing quickly under your fingers. You get so dirty but surprisingly grow a shape in your hands. It is not a simple art, and many hours of practice need before making a jar. I'll help you make at least one small cup. Long nails are a problem to using the pottery wheel.
Participants Min. 1 Max. 3
Not recommended for children under 10, discount for children up to 14 years

Tête-à-tête Ghost

Duration 1H (In the afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00)
Original experience for a romantic couple
We will make two coffee cups or herbal tea mugs with the pottery wheel and coil for the handles. Then once dry, I will fire them and glaze them with food-safe glaze. You get so dirty but surprisingly grow a shape in your hands. It takes strength and delicacy together as well as in love. Long nails are a problem to using the pottery wheel.

Coffee/Aperitif with majolica

Duration 45-50 min. From May to October.
Bookable at 9.30 in the Coffee version, we'll have coffee, lemonade with local lemons, and sweets. In the Aperitif version at 13.40, we'll have Campania wine, taralli, and olives.
Overview of the history of Vietri majolica. Demonstration on the potter's wheel: basic positions of the hands' illustration, explanation of some technical issues.
One chosen by lot among the participants will be able to try the lathe.
Bookable for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15 people

Ceramic course: majolica All year round

Duration: 2 appointments of 2.5 hours to acquire the basics. The subsequent class can be one or two hours on demand. The path will follow the individual needs of the participants. It will be possible to follow a path more geared towards acquiring practice in the various techniques. Also, you can choose to realize your projects.

Pottery course: potter's wheel All year round

The pottery wheel requires a lot of practice and is, initially, a bit tiring. Everyone needs much time to learn this technique. Need reward constant application and stubbornness. Once you have learned how to manage 3kg of clay on the wheel, you'll be complete autonomy. If you want to exceed this amount of clay, you can request a special lesson.

Perspective sketch of architecture en plein air and transposition on ceramics.

Duration 10.00 -16.00
This experience is for those who love nature and already have a little practice of drawing and painting practice.

Our observation point will be below the imposing Abbey of the Holy Trinity, Cava de Tirreni, Monti Lattari, near our experience en plein air begins. Expertly assisted by an art master, in about an hour and a half, we will sketch a perspective view with grease pencils on paper, preparatory for the majolica decoration on the 20x20 cm tile, which we will carry out in the afternoon.

At 11.45 we will say goodbye, and guests can choose whether to have a snack or their packed breakfast in the splendid natural setting of the paths or head towards the historic center of Cava de Tirreni. Those who prefer the sea can go to Vietri sul mare, where the second part of the meeting takes place.

We'll meet at 2.30 pm in my space. We'll transfer our sketch onto a "riggiola" glazed with still raw majolica glaze and decorate it with metal oxide-based colors.

At 16.00, we pigeonholed and put the tiles in the oven, and we say goodbye.

The tiles can be shipped once cooked at the expense of the participants (about 8 euros for Italy)
For groups of 4 to 6 people, not recommended for children under 16


- Water and coffee are always available.
- Guests are provided with a work apron.
- Comfortable clothes are recommended.
- The objects created, once cooked, can be shipped at the guest's expense
- Both Italian and English, but on request, we can have a translation service for the three hours of experience, to pay separately.
- Without prejudice to the duration of the experiences, the time will be specified booking, reconciling my commitments with the guest's needs.
- Payment at the time of booking confirmation, date and time accepted by both parties, and invoice issued by bank transfer or PayPal.
- Cancellation up to 48 hours in advance will result in a full refund. After this term, experiences are non-refundable.
- From May to October, the experiences are held outdoors in the courtyard of a building in the historic center. There are a total of 5 steps to overcome. We take the experiences in my private laboratory on the upper floor from October to May. There are three flights of stairs to overcome. Unfortunately, our structure is not adaptable to those with mobility problems.