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I am a hyperkinetic architect with experience in the fields of enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage and ceramic design. My interests meet and my contradictions are sometimes harmonized in objects. Work (intellectual, manual,...) ennobles man... and man ennobles matter by transforming it into material, then objects, production processes, and research!

I encountered clay in my first years of University. I started to make architectural little models. It was the means by which for the first time I passed from a project made of two-dimensional images to an object belonging to the three-dimensional reality that surrounds us. So, I never stopped, but in a certain sense growing up in Vietri sul mare it was natural that ceramics became my medium.

I like to share my passion and I do it with anyone who wants to: for years I have been offering the possibility of experimenting with the production of majolica to tourists, the curious, and enthusiasts in Vietri sul Mare, a city with an ancient ceramic tradition.

Elvira Peduto

Ceramic courses in Vietri sul Mare

For centuries, pottery has been thought almost a form of alchemy, accompanied by ingredients and secret recipes 'because the raw materials were combined and worked at the factories with laborious and toxic processes handed down among a few. Today, the industrialization of raw materials has made it possible for anyone who wishes to experience this world. For the many lovers and curious about ceramics, I propose various formulas to experiment with one's manual skills and creativity in a serene and productive atmosphere in the name of creative idleness.

Numerous ceramic courses are available:
- Journey through ceramics
- Create your keepsake with clay
- Coffee/Aperitif with majolica
- The magic Pottery wheel
- Drawing en plein air, paint majolica

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My Creations

As far as my production is concerned, I believe it is true that in recent decades the characteristic actions of design "conception, production, sale and consumption" tend to condense into a single design action, and that even more than before the Italian manufacturing is pulverizing in a microcosm of 'self-production'. I enjoy working on small series or on commission, reorganizing the production cycle from time to time according to the needs of the project. I made Pulcinella my main subject because I wanted to communicate "a philosophy, the genius loci, promote tradition, creativity made in Italy" and at the same time I was looking for a subject that could take me from the particular to the general, an alter ego that would sneak in homes with the task of bringing irony, a subject that could be the protagonist of a story and at the same time appear on the domestic scene. Recognizable at any size but capable of shapeshifting, a masked subject to disguises.


"?" 14cm, 24 cm, circa 50 cm;

Talvolta soli

Un fiore per scacciare il malumore

Non voglio mica la luna

Comm ce pesa sta capa, wé!

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Corso Umbero I, 102 - 84019 Vietri Sul Mare (SA), Italia.